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Product Description
Anti-glare board mostly used on highway, it used for solving the problem of headlight glare from the coming car, it is a traffic safety products which installed at the central separate part of highway. Now anti-glare board become much popular in the highway instead of planting green plant at the separate part, because it's avoid environment workers to take care the green plant, and it's very dangerous for the environment worker to clean the green plant on the highway, this anti-glare board can solve this problem very well.


1. Light weight, high intensity, long life time, UV resistance
2. Good anti-corrosion property. Stable chemical property, not react with acids and bases
3. Good anti-glare effect, Matt finishing surface, soft in vision, reduce the light reflect
4. High temperature and pressure forming, stable structure
5. Aesthetic appearance and color, the ideal functional freeway decoration
6. Good weather resistance, Fire-retardant ,long service life under heavy weather
7.The product installation quick and easy.
8. Can supply various size and shape on request
9. Glass steel glare resistant board with a wind hole, can reduce the wind load, with strengthen construction, not easy to break.
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