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Manhole Covers
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Manhole Covers
Product Description

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Manhole Covers
Our FRP manhole covers have the following properties:
•Our FRP manhole covers are made from composite materials such as glass fiber, resin, quartz and corundum.
•We apply wear-resistant and climate-resistant materials on the top surface layers so that the product can be used under very harsh conditions.

•We can custom make any man hole design, pattern or company logo on the surface of the covers giving a personal finish to your manhole cover project.

Application Temperature Scope

The materials used to manufacture the manhole covers are important, that is why we only use quality materials. The main material that contributes to the product application is the non saturated polyester resin. It belongs to the thermosetting resin, the performance after its solidification is as follows:
•Longitudinal strength:250-600Mpa
•Compressive strength:300-600Mpa
•Stretch modulus:25-35Gpa
•Break elongation ratio:1.3-10.0%
•Bending strength:700-1400Mpa
•Curving module:25-35Gpa
•Relative density:1.11-1.15
•Water-absorptive(24h):10-30mg •C250(can load 25tons) D400(can load 40tons) ◾Volume resistivity.1*(1012-1014)cm
•general application temperatures in -40~80

The Service Life
•Under normal working conditions, service life should be 50 years.
•Our manhole covers can withstand more than 2 million fatigue shocks

•Diameter: 600(mm)
•Load Ability: D400
•Approx. Weight: 50kg

•Clear Openess 600 (mm)
•Load Ability: D400
•Approx. Weight: 58kg

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