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Product Description
TactileGrip is a 4mm thick GRP tactile paving tile incorporating raised profiles to warn people when they are approaching a change in elevation such as railway platforms, pedestrian crossings, staircase ascent and descent areas and many other applications.

There are approximately 1 million blind and partially sighted adults in the United Kingdom. Approximately 5% of these people have no sight at all. When moving around the pedestrian environment, visually impaired people will actively seek and make use of tactile information underfoot, particularly detectable floor indicators used in tactile paving.

Fibregrid's Tactile Paving is available in blister and corduroy designs, for on-street, off-street and warning of changes in elevation. The detectable raised indicators incorporate an embedded grit compound for increased wear and slip resistance.

Anti slip, they are really easy to fit as no excavation is necessary – you just screw and glue.

Corduroy Tactile

The purpose of the corduroy surface is to warn visually impaired people of the presence of hazards, such as stairs, level crossings or the approach to on-street light rapid transit (LRT) platforms. Consisting of rows of parallel half-round bars, it conveys the message “hazard, proceed with caution”.

Blister Onstreet Tactile

The purpose of the blister surface is to provide a warning to visually impaired people who would otherwise, in the absence of a kerbupstand, find it difficult to differentiate between where the footway ends and the carriageway begins. The surface is therefore an essential safety feature for this group of road users at pedestrian crossing points.

Blister Offstreet Tactile

This design has flat topped domes set in evenly spaced rows parallel to the direction of travel along the platform. The offset of the domes indicates the direction of travel to the train. Used adjacent to safe carriageway crossings, the surface can be any colour other than red, but should provide a good contrast with the surrounding area to assist partially sighted people.

Preparation & Application
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